Frequently asked questions

As much as we try to answer all of your questions here on the web site, inevitably something goes unanswered… Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Q: Why should I hire a professional photographer for my wedding?

Your wedding happens only once. You could choose to try and save money by hiring someone who is not a pro, be it a friend, family member or even a newly minted pro photographer. If the photographer you choose does not have the experience to provide you with memorable photos from your wedding then you are out of luck. Unlike portrait sessions, there are no do overs with wedding photography. When your wedding is over there is nothing left but your dirty dress, some dried out flowers and your wedding photos. I highly recommend a professional photographer as your photos are the one thing that will help you relive your wedding day – forever.

Q: What kind of camera gear do you have? Do you bring backup equipment?

I use state of the art Canon digital cameras, lenses and speedlites. My current cameras are the Canon 5D Mark IIIs and I have lenses that run from super wide angle to 300mm telephoto lenses. These are all on the professional line of Canon camera equipment and are not consumer grade lenses or cameras. I am a Platinum Member of Canon Professional Services, which provides me with loaner equipment if needed as well as expedited repairs of cameras and lenses when needed. I come to a wedding with three camera bodies as well as six or seven lenses. I also have a large collection of film cameras for clients who are interested in having the weddings photographed using traditional film methods.

Q: Do you have a second shooters? Who are the photographers that work with you?

All of my current wedding collections include a second photographer. My second shooters are not apprentice photographers who are trying to learn the business. I only work with seasoned pros, so when you hire two photographers you are getting years and years of experience.

Q: Why do I need two photographers at my wedding?

Two photographers are great if you want photos of both the bride and groom getting ready – especially if they are getting ready in two different locations.

A second photographer is also nice to have during the ceremony when things are happening fast and we are working to be as unobtrusive as possible while still trying to get as many angles and viewpoints as possible.

Getting all of those beautiful detail photos from your wedding is not an easy task – especially if you are not planning to see you fiance prior to the ceremony and want to do group photos and couple shots during cocktail hour. While one photographer is doing the groups and couple shots, the other is in the reception area working on all of those amazing details shots before your guests get in there and mess the whole place up.

These are just a few reasons, but there are numerous other reasons for having at least two photographers cover your wedding day.

Q: Should I do a first look or wait until the wedding to see my fiance for the first time?

This is entirely up to you. Tradition says that you wait until the ceremony, but more and more often, couples are deciding to do the family photos and some of the couple portraits before the ceremony begins. A first look before the ceremony allows you to spend more time with your guests and to enjoy the cocktail hour with them rather than being off somewhere taking photos until the dinner portion of the reception begins.

First looks can still be intimate moments between you and your fiance where the two of you get to spend some time alone and still having it be a surprise seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day.

Q: If we decide to hire you are you going to be the photographer covering our wedding or do you have associate photographers who work with you?

John Decker is the primary photographer for all weddings that we photograph. We do not currently have associate photographers working for us.

Q: Do we get access to the high resolution digital files?

Yes, we provide you with either a USB thumb drive or digital download of all of the edited photos from your wedding in high resolution. You also have copyright release for personal usage of the photos that are delivered to you so you can have them printed where you like, share them with friends or even make your own canvas prints, albums or anything else you wish.

Q: Do you photograph using the RAW file format?

Yes, all of our photography is doing using the RAW file format. Files are then processed in Adobe Lightroom to adjust the image for optimal color balance and density as well as cropping and other adjustments.

Q: How much is my wedding photography going to cost?

Much of how much your wedding photography is going to cost depends on what kind of coverage you are looking for and what kind of products you would like delivered when the wedding is over. Our wedding collections start at $2400 and go up from there. We provide information on our website about all of our wedding collections where you can download our most recent rate sheet. We offer A la Carte pricing, so you only pay for the things you want.

Q: Do you include engagement sessions in your packages?

A two hour engagement sessions is available for $500.

Q: We aren’t sure we need an engagement session. Why are these important?

An engagement session is a great way for a couple to get to know their photographer and to get some great images in the process. We highly recommend engagement or “getting to know you” sessions as a way for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us while also getting a feel for what it is going to be like to be photographed on your wedding day.

Of all of the vendors and guests at your wedding, your photographer will be the person who is around you the most. In order to get great photos, you want to make sure that you feel comfortable around your photographer.


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